Mystic Sundog

where visual and healingĀ arts meet

207 Washington Street in Decorah, Iowa

Mystic Sundog was founded by Jennifer Fisher Jones in 2020. Jennifer was looking for a space where she could create artwork and work with clients utilizing healing arts modalities. This eclectic and cozy historic building situated on Dry Run Creek proved to be the perfect location to bring healing and visual arts together.

You are welcome to make an appointment to stop in and see Jennifer’s current work, arrange commissions, schedule an energy session or simply take in the view and give the gallery mascot, Ethel a scratch behind the ears.

Art Studio

Mystic Sundog has a designated studio space where Jennifer creates contemporary original oil paintings as well as holds individual and small group workshops.

Jennifer considers herself a conceptual series artist. Her most recent body of work focuses on the integration and interpretation of the teachings of Soto Zen Buddhism.

Healing Arts

Jennifer offers hands on and remote Sunpoint energy healing sessions and spiritual consultation. Jennifer has personal experience and training that informs her work with individuals who are navigating spiritual growth.

Small group workshops and training opportunities that support the holistic and spiritual well being of participants are also available.

Gallery Space

Jennifer hosts public events throughout the year ranging from exhibiting her own work on the Northeast Iowa Studio Tour to featuring regional artists during Art on Washington.

Jennifer often has pieces from her permanent collection on display. Including paintings from her ever popular, ongoing project “Big Dogs: Large Stories”.

Public Art

Jennifer loves creating murals and public art projects. Have an idea? Connect with her and she’ll be happy to brainstorm, work up a sketch or two and provide a quote.

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